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Discover the Best Drone Tech and Tools for Your Public Safety Department

Buying the wrong equipment can kill your drone program even before it starts

Attend this free webinar to discover the most common pitfalls in choosing drone tech for your department and you will also learn:

  • How to choose the right kind of drone tech based on your department's needs and budget
  • Save time and reduce waste in buying drone tech for your department
  • How to maximize every dollar you invest in tech
  • ​SPECIAL BONUS: Discover amazing cheaper alternatives that aren’t talked about in the popular domain 
  • ​Live Q&A session with the experts where you can ask questions regarding drone tech

Coming up Thursday
September 1st, 2022
 @ 3 pm EST

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Presented By Veteran Firefighters and Expert Drone Pilots

John Wakie

John is a 16 year veteran firefighter that has been operating drones for over 10 years. Combining his two passions became a reality when his Department decided to start a sUAS program.

Michael Wall

Mike is a veteran firefighter with over 19 years of service in the largest paid fire department in the country. Michael operates sUAS flights in the highly controlled and complex airspace of the New York metropolitan area.
Paul Aitken
CEO and Chief Mentor, Drone U
Paul Aitken is the Chief Pilot and Co-founder of Drone U, and co-host of the popular Ask Drone U podcast. His work has been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, ITN, Fox News, Discovery Channel and Sony Pictures, and he has worked with numerous companies like Marriott Hotels and Resorts and Centurion Boats. He loves all things drone, design, and photography, and is passionate about teaching others how to safely and profitably operate their drones. 


 We are drawing the winner of the MAVIC MINI 3 live during the webinar.

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