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July 10,2023

In -Person Mapping Boot Camp & Flight Mastery Training  

Join the Drone U Flight Crew for our 5 Days comprehensive mapping class to add mapping and modeling services to your toolbelt.
​This training will help you:
  • ​Learn tips and tricks from experienced pilots that will help you avoid and deal with emergencies in the field
  • ​Learn photogrammetry basics and master the principles of acquisition and processing
  • ​Gain confidence in flight, master systems of operation and learn to fly in close proximity to aid in acquisition missions for mapping. 
  • Learn the various methods of capturing images suited for particular deliverables. From taking flight for single grid missions, oblique missions and acquisition strategies for 3D modeling.
  • ​Learn Advanced Processing, GCP Challenge, Merging Models and Advanced Exports
  • ​Enjoy the Opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe environment
  • At the end of the training, you'll be able to process any dataset for a multitude of photogrammetric deliverables.
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