2023 Mapping Boot Camp Schedule
Are you ready to master 2D mapping and 3D modeling via Drones? Learn photogrammetry basics and master the principles of acquisition and processing allowing you to serve a wide range of customers at an unparalleled level.
Join the Drone U Flight Crew for our 2023 Comprehensive Mapping Classes to add mapping and modeling services to your tool belt.
Day 1: Flight Mastery
We begin on Monday morning at 9:00 AM to help students gain confidence in flight, master systems of operation and learn to fly in close proximity to aid in acquisition missions for mapping. Flight mastery is a series of flight exercises designed to test pilot's ability to master various elements of flight, master emergency maneuvers and master confidence to take on any mission.
Day 2: Mapping Bootcamp
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM with an introduction to mapping, pricing elements and forecasting, rules of photogrammetry, macro overview of software, drone data deliverables and value by industry. Students will also start processing geo-referenced exercises.
Day 3: Mapping Bootcamp
Wednesday class is 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Students are taking flight with Acquisition missions to learn the various methods of capturing images suited for particular deliverables. From taking flight for single grid missions, oblique missions and acquisition strategies for 3D modeling.
Day 4: Mapping Bootcamp
Class on Thursday is 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Students master the processing of exercises in various softwares. From Pix4d Mapper, to Pix4d React, to Drone Deploy and Optelos. Students will go through a total of 7 exercises to master the workflow for various deliverables. Walking away at the end of the day able to truly process any dataset for a multitude of photogrammetric deliverables. 
Students have the option of joining our Flight Crew for an additional day. Students will be tasked with processing the data they acquired in the field. Data sets will be processed in a variety of methods for students to understand the deviation of processing principles and master complex data sets. 
Monday: Flight Mastery Training 
Gain Confidence & Earn Educational Discounts on your UAV insurance as you fly through our obstacle course!
Spend the day with Drone U instructors as you navigate our sequential flight exercises designed to test and train you on unique nuances of flight operations. Each operational exercise helps you develop a unique flight skill - flight building blocks if you will. You'll overcome obstacles and gain confidence as you push yourself through these exercises.

The day of flight exercises culminates with a timed flight through our obstacle course.  You'll be amazed at how far you will come in just one day.  And as an added benefit, you can earn an educational discount on your UAV insurance policy.
Reasons to Attend:
  • Overcome your fear and nervousness so you can unlock your true potential
  • Learn the rules of take off and landing to avoid problems in the field (Operational Systems)
  • ​Learn tips and tricks from experienced pilots that will help you avoid and deal with emergencies in the field
  • ​Master natural flight movements which will lead to better videography
  • ​Learn the settings your drone requires for smooth flight controls and camera controls
  • ​Experience emergency flight maneuvers to overcome inevitable emotional hurdles
  • ​Master Attitude mode for smooth video and confidence in avoiding flyaways
  • ​Master orientation loss and learn solutions for how to overcome orientation challenges
  • ​Enjoy the Opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe environment alongside fellow drone pilots
Tuesday: Photogrammetry 101
History, Point Cloud Construction, where to use Photogrammetry at Work
  • The History of Photogrammetry
  • Typical Deliverables for Photogrammetry: Why use photogrammetry
  • ​Photogrammetry vs. Lidar
  • Georeferencing Principles, Equipment basics
  • ​Practical exercises to demonstrate initial workflow
  • ​Ground Control Point Distribution, Creation and Implementation
  • ​Orthomosaic Construction & Editing 
  • ​Acquisition Strategies, What are the optimum conditions for drone mapping? Weather, sensor type and altitude
  • ​Multi-Rotors Vs. Fixed Wing Acquisition Methods
  • ​Point Cloud Construction
  • ​Orthomosaic Delivery and Additional Orthomosaic Construction Options (Pix4D React)
Resources Provided: 
  • ​Workflow Guide
  • ​Flight Acquisition Guide
  • ​Common App Glitches Guide
  • ​Pre-Flight Checklist
  • ​3 Additional Forms. (We don't want the competition to get a hold of this stuff)
Wednesday: Acquisition
Image Acquisition via Practical Flight Missions
Students are in the field, taking flight learning acquisition strategies and techniques.

Flight Mission 1: Learn how to use multiple acquisition apps and setups to access the utilization of terrain awareness. Use Pix4D Capture and Map Pilot to acquire images with a basic method to ensure facade data capture. 

Flight Mission 2: Learn how to use Orbital Data Capture Method formulas to fill in holes of models and create the most life like models for historical preservation, interactive marketing, video game environment modeling, or VFX modeling.
Flight Mission 3: Learn how to use Orbital Data Capture Method formulas to fill in holes of models and create the most life-like models for historical preservation, interactive marketing, video game environment modeling, or VFX modeling, 3d animations, engineering animations, construction marketing animations and more. . Students will also learn the formula for free-flight capture and how to acquire imagery manually if there are autonomous failures or GPS failures. 
Students typically bring their own drones and need 5 batteries to take flight for most of the day, More batteries is encouraged. Typical Aircraft to train on: 
  • Phantom 4 Pro (V1-v2)
  • ​Mavic 3 Enterprise
  • ​Inspire 2
  • ​Sony Airpeak 
  • ​Freeflight Astro
  • ​Anafi Ai 
  • ​M30t
  • ​M300 
Drones flown for flight mastery should have a sensor denied flight mode (Atti, Altitude mode, manual mode)
Thursday: Processing
Advanced Processing, GCP Challenge, Merging Models and Advanced Exports
 Students are back in the classroom processing an additional 4 datasets with example data while diving into the following:
  • Learn how to accurately merge models and learn when it is necessary to do so
  • Point Cloud Editing using 4 unique methods taught only by Drone U. (Magic of Beautiful Models)
  • ​Learn how to scale maps using Scale Constraints when GCP's are available
  • ​Learn the intricacies of Ground Control Point (GCP) GPS: RTK vs. PPK vs PPP. Whats the difference?
  • ​Accuracy Challenge with example data to test student retention
  • ​How to create polylines and obtain linear measurements, area measurements
  • ​Learn how to process and take volumetric measurements from Pix4d and Drone Deploy. 
  • ​Advanced 3D Textured Mesh Construction and Visualization
Thursday Afternoon: Deliverables Class

Comprehending, Creating & Selling your Deliverables
New: How to create Hyperlapse point clouds.
Learn how to create reports in 3rd Party applications for delivering data products to various clients. The class will include Drone Deploy Instruction in addition to the following: 
  • Learn how to deliver models to your clients via Sketchfab, Google Poly, UnearthLabs or Drone Deploy
  • ​Learn how to obtain volumetric measurements in Pix4D and other applications. 
  • ​Learn how to export .shp files and geoTIFF standard for TIFF files.
  • Learn how to export .dxf files. 
  • ​Advanced Point Cloud Construction Techniques & Advanced Processing Templates 
  • ​Drone Deploy Instruction on Large-Volume Orthomosaic 
  • ​Drone Deploy Instruction on Cyclical Volumetric Measurements
  • ​Cut and Fill Calculations & Cut and Fill Over time
  • ​Orthomosaic, DSM and As-Built "Layering." 
Friday (Optional)
Master complex data sets
Students will learn various advanced methodologies for processing data sets in various means.
  • ​Students will learn the variables in desktop based processing that shorten time of processing, cleanup and data interpretation to make missions more efficient.
  • ​Students will learn advanced concepts for image scaling, minimum point matching, advanced oct-tree level data and more.
Important Note about "Training & Location Options"
The descriptions noted above apply to our traditional 3 day mapping classes.
Included below are two special classes, the Accident Scene Reconstruction Training and our Business Mastery Class - each will have a schedule unique to their specific programs.  You can learn more about each by clicking the "Learn More & Register" button for each such class.
Derrick Supan
These guys seriously exceeded my expectations. Thank you Paul, PJ and Matt.You guys seriously ROCK!! You guys truly love and enjoy what you do and it shows. Now I can't wait to take another course. Don't get me wrong the guys I meet in the course are super awesome as well. Learned so much in two days. 
Todd Campbell
I will echo Derrick's comments and say that this was a great course. All the instructors were very patient with everybody and always made time to answer my questions. Paul Alexander you have a real heart for students to actually learn and succeed, very rare commodity today. PJ and Matt were exceptionally knowledgeable, and very professional - my sincere thanks to all of you for helping me take my skill set to the next level.
Just completed the Flight Mastery Course on the front end of the Public Safety and Accident Scene Reconstruction Course at the NTSB. Wow! I thought I was a good pilot, but the training maneuvers really humbled me. This was the most challenging and worthwhile drone training I have ever received. I look forward to viewing other offerings by Drone U.
See our Boot Camp Schedule below
Join us at the Training Ranch in Colorado for an "Elevated Experience"

Flight Mastery + Mapping Bootcamp

  • July 24 - July 27, 2023 (4 Days)
  • Loveland, CO

6 Spots Available

Flight Mastery + Mapping Bootcamp

  • August 28 - August 31, 2023 (4 Days)
  • Loveland, CO

4 Spots Available

Flight Mastery Bootcamp

  • September 8, 2023 (1 Day)
  • Baldwinsville, NY

9 Spots Available

Flight Mastery + Mapping Bootcamp

  • September 25 - September 28, 2023 (4 Days)
  • Loveland, CO

4 Spots Available

The deadline for registering is July 2, 2023
  • July 10 - July 13, 2023
  • ​​​​​​ Denver, CO
The deadline for registering is July 24, 2023
  • ​​August 1- August 4,2023
  •  Denver, CO
The deadline for registering is September 17, 2023
  • ​​September 25 - September 29,2023
  •  Denver, CO
Get the Drone U GCP Landing Pad
Get the Drone U GCP Landing Pad
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Students Are Expected to bring a Drone for this class. If you don't have your own drone, we recommend renting one from someone like
Drones we Recommend are as follows:
Phantom 4 Pro (V1-v2)
Mavic 3 Enterprise
Inspire 2
Sony Airpeak
Freeflight Astro
Anafi Ai
Let us know if you have a different UAV you'd like to use. 
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